[Photo] A Two-timing Husband Is Over His Head in Newest Poster for "Mr. Egotistic"

New poster released for the upcoming Korean movie "Mr. Egotistic".


"Mr. Egotistic" (2017)

Directed by Kim Jae-sik

With Park Ho-san, Choi Yoo-ha, Jo Eun-bit, Hwang Sung-joon,...

I know I'm selfish.
But...aren't you all a little too harsh with me?

In my 40s and have married for 10 years, I, Jae-yoon, am a professor of film. I am working hard on seducing an assistant I find attractive.

I thought my wife and assistant were both mine, but things were not as they seemed.

A self-conceited story coming soon.

Release date in Korea : 2018/10