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[Photo] New Poster Added for the Korean Drama "Reborn Rich"

New poster added for the Korean drama "Reborn Rich" (2022).


Directed by Jeong Dae-yoon, Kim Sang-ho-III

Written by Jang Eun-jae, Kim Tae-heui

Network: JTBC

With Song Joong-ki, Lee Sung-min, Shin Hyun-bin, Kim Hyun-I, Yoon Je-moon, Kim Jung-nan,...

16 episodes - Fri, Sat, Sun 22:30
Also known as "The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate", "The Chaebol's Youngest Son"
"The Youngest Son of a Chaebol Family" is a drama based on a popular web novel of the same name. It depicts the story of the protagonist, who was accused of embezzlement of funds and killed by the family of chaebol owners who he had been loyal to for more than a decade, returning as their youngest son and growing up step by step to take over the entire chaebol family.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2022/11/18

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