[Photo] New Poster Added for the Upcoming Korean Movie "She's From Another Planet"

New poster added for the upcoming Korean movie "She's From Another Planet" (2022)


Directed by Goo Sang-bum

With Baek Seo-bin, Shin Yeon-suh, Seo Ji-young-I, Kim Young, Choi Hoon-jae, Ji Woong-bae,...

Na-eun believes she is a cosmic being. She has been trying to communicate with space at noon in a park. Seok-min (plaving by Baek Seo-bin) is an unemploved young man who has been looking for a job.
He goes to the park to take revenge after his close friend was hospitalized because of injuries
caused by Na-eun but falls for her when he sees her.

Release date in Korea : 2023/11/22

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