[Photo] New Poster Added for the Upcoming Korean Movie "The Labyrinth"

New poster added for the upcoming Korean movie "The Labyrinth" (2020)


Directed by Song Hyun-joo

With Kang Chan-hee, Park Yoo-na, Jang Gwang, Lee Seung-il, Lee Hye-ran, Kim Woo-rin,...

"The Labyrinth", which is based on a popular game by the same title, is about saving one's friends from the evil spirits causing strange phenomena at school late at night.

Hee-min recently moved to a new school, and on his first day, he falls in love at first sight with a girl named So-yeong. Hee-min happens to find So-yeong's diary, and he decides to return the diary to her with Valentine's day candy. In order to do so, on the eve of Valentine's day, Hee-min sneaks into the school afterhours, but eventually realizes that strange things are happening. Meanwhile, So-yeong, who came back to the school looking for her lost diary, and a few other friends also get locked up. Running away from the bedeviled souls, they try to find their way out of the haunted school. Will they be able to survive the night?

Release date in Korea : 2021/09