[Photo] New Review Poster Added for the Korean Documentary "SEWOL: Years in the Wind"

New review poster added for the Korean documentary "SEWOL: Years in the Wind" (2023)


Directed by Kim Hwan-tae, Moon Jong-taek

April 16, 2014
There are parents waiting for children who have not returned. Families and citizens cried out in unison because they needed to know the truth about what the children experienced that day. The small hope was fleeting, and in the end, nothing was resolved.

Over the course of 10 years, 3,654 days, and over 5,000 videos accumulated, tragic disasters continued, and our desire for a safe society became even more earnest.

Things must change before and after the Sewol Ferry disaster, so we want to raise our voices once again.

Release date in Korea : 2024/04/03