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[Photo] New Still Added for the Upcoming Korean Movie "Gentleman"

New still added for the upcoming Korean movie "Gentleman" (2021)


Directed by Kim Kyeong-won

With Ju Ji-hoon, Choi Sung-eun, Park Sung-woong, Ko Ju-hee,...

Starts filming 2021/08/20
Wrapped up filming: 2021/12/05
Hyeon-soo, a CEO of a private detective agency, visits a pension with a client asking for her dog. While waiting outside of pension, he is falsely accused of kidnapping the client. During the arrest Hyeon-soo, a serious car accident occurs and people misunderstand Hyeon-soo as a prosecutor instead of a suspect. To find the real criminal, Hyeon-soo pretends to be a prosecutor. Hwa-jin, an elite prosecutor but demoted to the provinces while trying to catch a law firm conglomerate Do-hoon, meets Hyeon-soo. Hwa-jin finds out this case is related to Do-hoon, and she begins cooperating with Hyeon-soo. While cooperating, they realize that there is a hidden truth behind the crime.

Release date in Korea : 2022

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