[Photos + Cast Update] New Stills Added and Cast Updated for the Korean Movie "Bully Bad Guys"

New stills added and cast updated for the Korean movie "Bully Bad Guys" (2020)


Directed by Lee Soo-sung

With Seo Se-myung, Nam Seung-min, Han Cho-won, Lee Do-yeon-II, Joo Jin-soo, Lim Joon-hyuk,... More

In the middle of peaceful days as two top leaders, tender-hearted Jin-man and his friend Min-soo, though both martial arts school legends, felt a new thrill after a mysterious schoolgirl, Soo-jeong, visits their boxing club.

Meanwhile, unidentified Japanese high school students begin to raise suspicions in Seoul.

The former Japanese yakuza's son, Miura, and the hidden daughter of the Japanese prime minister and center of the nation's far-right forces, Miyo, stirs up a fight between Korea and Japan to determine who is the strongest...

Korea vs. Japan! May the last baddest guy survive!

Release date in Korea : 2020/03/19