[Photos + Cast Update] New Supporting Cast and Special Appearance Stills Added and Cast Updated for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Chicken Nugget"

Jung Ho-yeon

New supporting cast and special appearance stills added and cast updated for the upcoming Korean drama "Chicken Nugget" (2024)


Directed by Lee Byeong-heon-I

Written by Lee Byeong-heon-I

Network: Netflix

With Ryu Seung-ryong, Ahn Jae-hong, Kim You-jung, Kim Nam-hee-I, Jung Ho-yeon, Yoo Seung-mok,...

12 episodes - Fri
Adapted from a webtoon.
Filming: 2022/11/15~2023/04/20
A woman enters a mysterious machine and turns into a chicken nugget, with her father and her secret admirer desperately trying to restore her in this comical mystery drama. Ryu Seung-ryong ("Extreme Job", "The Admiral: Roaring Currents", "Miracle in Cell No.7", "Masquerade", "Kingdom") plays Choi Seon-man, the owner of the company, More than Machines. When one of his machines turns his daughter Min-ah into a chicken nugget, Seon-man struggles to restore her back to a human being. Ahn Jae-hong ("Mask Girl", "Time to Hunt", "Rebound", "Be Melodramatic", "Reply 1988") plays the quirky intern Ko Baek-joong who is secretly in love with Min-ah. Ahn and Ryu create perfect synergy together through their charming, colorful portrayals. Kim You-jung ("20th Century Girl", "The 8th Night", "My Demon", "Lovers of the Red Sky", "Love in the Moonlight") plays Min-ah, who experiences the major mishap. Director Lee Byeong-heon-I, who has delivered witty repartees and captivating storylines in works such as "Dream - 2020", "Extreme Job", "Twenty", and "Be Melodramatic", takes a beloved webtoon with a novel premise and turns it into an exciting live-action series, toggling between sharp humor and mystery. (Netflix)

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2024/03/15

Jung Ho-yeon

Moon Sang-hoon

Jung Seung-gil

Park Jinyoung and Jung Seung-gil

Jung Soon-won, Hwang Mi-young, Kim Tae-hoon and Lee Ha-neui

Kim Tae-hoon

Kim Nam-hee-I

Lee Joo-bin

Heo Joon-seok

Yoo Seung-mok and Jung Seung-gil

Ko Chang-seok

Yang Hyun-min

Yoo Seung-mok

Park Hyoung-soo

Park Jinyoung