[Photos + Video] New Posters, Press Conference Photos and Highlight Video Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Amor Fati"

New posters, press conference photos and highlight video added for the upcoming Korean drama "Amor Fati".

5-Minute Highlight Video

"Amor Fati" (2021)

Directed by Bae Tae-seop

Written by Nam Sun-hye

Network: SBS

With Choi Jung-yoon, Ahn Jae-mo, Bae Seul-ki, Park Hyung-joon, Kim Jong-goo, Yoon Mi-ra,...

120 episodes - Mon~Fri 8:35am
A healing drama about a woman whose family is everything, and another woman whose success is everything, and the fierce battle between the two who jumped into the second act race of their lives, their moments of despair, and how they renewed their lives as they rise up again.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2021/04/12