[Photos + Video] New Stills and Trailer Added for the Korean Movie "Big Guy Virus"

New stills and trailer added for the Korean movie "Big Guy Virus"


"Big Guy Virus" (2020)

Directed by Han Dong-ho

With Min Jung, Ji Ah, Gil Dong, Jung Won-II,...

It's been a long time since the domination of a new virus, the streets are reminiscent of mixed baths with men and women. This is the story about Ji Hwa-ja, Jo Jin-ah and Ahn Il-goo who never went out and lived disconnected with the outside world. Hedonistic sex has become the only life for young men and women, and the people infected with the modified virus are slowly turning into zombies, and the world turns crazy as they attack people with sex like beasts.

Release date in Korea: 2021/03/10