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[Photos + Video] New Stills and Trailer Added for the Korean Omnibus Movie "Re-BORN"

New stills and trailer added for the Korean omnibus movie "Re-BORN"



"Re-BORN" (2021)

Directed by Han Jay, Jung Seung-hoon, Kim Tae-hoon-II, Lee Min-seob

With Lee Yoo-mi, Song Duk-ho, Kim Min-seok, Park Kyung-hye, Jin Goo, Eum Moon-suk,...

1. "Today's Superpower" (26min, 오늘의 초능력, o-neul-eui cho-neung-ryeok) by Lee Min-seob
People who claim to be able to use superpowers once a day gathered! But why can't they use their superpowers? Do they really have superpowers in the first place?

2. "1+1" (30min, 1+1) by Han Jay
"Toot! I'm 1+1!" One day, the same alter ego as me appeared!

3. "Jangah & Chichung" (35min, 장아치청, jang-a-chi-cheong) by Kim Tae-hoon-II
"Burp!" Once you start burping, there's nothing you can do. A comedy action movie limited to 60 minutes, filled with real superpowers by superheroes.

4. "LOVE SICK" (23min, 러브씩, reo-beu-ssik) by Jung Seung-hoon
A year after the end of the zombie crisis, Seung-beom prepares an unforgettable proposal for his girlfriend Ji-yoon who saved him.

No release date in Korea yet

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