[Photos + Videos] New Poster, Stills and Trailers Added for the Korean Movie "My Girlfriend Is An Erotic Actress"

New poster, stills and trailers added for the Korean movie "My Girlfriend is an Erotic Actress"




Adult Trailer


"My Girlfriend is an Erotic Actress" (2021)

Directed by Lee Sang-soo

With Yoo Ji-hyun-I, Ji Hee, Woo Yeol, Tommy, Yoo Jong-hae,...

The filming set of a private erotic movie will be shown!
Through an acquaintance, a student and aspiring film director So-joong works as an audio boom man at the film set of the erotic movie. So-joong, who met her favorite erotic actor Soo-bin on the set, is engulfed in a strange feeling as she sees Soo-bin acting nakedly in front of her eyes. Seeing director Jang, who had been directing pornography in Japan, increasingly demanding excessive bed scene acting from Soo-bin, So-joong begins to get angry and begins to interfere with director Jang's filming...

Release date in Korea : 2021/10/07