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[Photos] Added poster for the upcoming Korean movie "Trap"

Added poster for the upcoming Korean movie "Trap" (2014)


Directed by Bong Man-dae

With Yoo Ha-joon, Jung Min-gyul, Na Sang-gyu, Lee Sa-gang, Kang Yong-gyu,...

New work of director Bong Man-dae of "The Sweet Sex And Love" and "Cinderella". The fatal love story of a teenage girl Yu-mi, who seduces guests who come to the inn, and Jeong-min, a writer in his 30s.

How far can a man run away when he is trapped by fatal attraction?

Jeong-min, a scenario writer, was recently dumped by his girlfriend who left for another man. No matter how much he begs she never seems to return to him. To forget everything and concentrate on his scenario, Jeong-min stays in a small inn in a remote country town. There he meets an attractive teenage girl, Yoo-mi who lives with the mysterious landlord. Day by day Yoo-mi seduces Jeong-min and when he finally falls for her, she asks him to kill the landlord.

Release date in Korea : 2015/09/17

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