[Photos] Character Posters Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Parasyte: The Grey"

Character posters added for the upcoming Korean drama "Parasyte: The Grey" (2024).


Directed by Yeon Sang-ho

Written by Ryoo Yong-jae, Yeon Sang-ho

Network: Netflix

With Jeon So-nee, Koo Kyo-hwan, Lee Jung-hyun, Kwon Hae-hyo, Kim In-kwon, Koo See-yeon,...

6 episodes - Fri
Filming days: 2022/09/03~2023/02/03
As unidentified parasitic life-forms that live off human hosts strive to grow their power and start to disrupt society, a group of humans wage war against the rising evil. The story is based on Hitoshi Iwaaki's manga "Parasyte" in which parasites take over human brains to control their bodies. With its imaginative ideas and philosophical probing, the manga has sold over 25 million copies in 20 countries and regions, and has spawned various anime and film adaptations. Director Yeon Sang-ho, a genre master creator behind "Jung E", "Hellbound", "Peninsula", and "Monstrous", develops a new storyline for the Netflix series based on the world of this seminal manga. Jeon So-nee ("Our Blooming Youth", "When My Love Blooms", "Soulmate") plays Jeong Soo-in, who begins a strange coexistence with a parasitic organism. Koo Kyo-hwan ("D.P", "Kill Boksoon", "Escape from Mogadishu", "Peninsula", "Monstrous") plays Seol Kang-woo who pursues the parasites to find his missing young sister. Lee Jung-hyun ("Decision to Leave", "Peninsula", "The Admiral: Roaring Currents") plays Choi Joon-kyeong (최준경), the leader of Team Grey, the task force on parasitic organisms. Kwon Hae-hyo ("Peninsula", "Tazza: One Eyed Jack", "Under the Queen's Umbrella") plays Kim Cheol-min, a police detective in the Special Operations Unit of Namil Police Station. Kim In-kwon ("The Cursed: Dead Man's Prey", "The Battle of Jangsari", "Cleaning Up") plays Kang Won-seok, a police sergeant and Cheol-min's partner. This stellar ensemble cast of "Parasyte: The Grey" will bring the imaginative spirit of the original story to life in the live action series. (Netflix)

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2024/04/05