[Photos] Eugene and Ki Tae-young " We are getting married~"

Actress Eugene and actor Ki Tae-young are greeting people before their marriage on the 23rd.


The two met through the 2009 MBC drama "Creating Destiny" and rang the bells after a year and a half relationship.

Kim Jeong-min-I

Jeon In-hwa

Jung Joon-ho and Lee Ha-jeong

Jung Suk-won

Kim Na-woon

Lee Sang-bong

Lee Young-ah

Park Han-byul

Park Sun-young


Seo Ji-hye

Shoo (Yoo Soo-young) and Bada

So Yu-jin

Jeon Mi-sun

Kang Byul

Lee Hyun-jin

Rie Young-zin

Seo Ji-young

Han Yoo-yi