[Photos] New Cast Photoshoot Added for the Korean Drama "A Killer Paradox"

New cast photoshoot added for the Korean drama "A Killer Paradox" (2024).


Directed by Lee Chang-hee

Written by Kim Da-min

Network: Netflix

With Choi Wooshik, Son Sukku, Lee Hee-jun, Heo Sun-haeng, Oh Min-ae, Nam Jin-bok,...

8 episodes - Fri
Also known as "Murder DIEary"
Filming: 2002/09~2023/03
Adapted from a webtoon.
An ordinary man begins to commit more murders after inadvertently killing someone, and a police detective pursues him relentlessly. "A Killer Paradox" is based on a megahit webtoon written and illustrated by Kkomabi, who starkly contrasts a shocking story against delightful cartoon images. Skilled actors with a commanding presence breathe life into the series: Choi Wooshik ("Time to Hunt", "Parasite", "The Witch : Part 1. The Subversion", "Our Beloved Summer") plays Lee Tang, a college student who commits his first murder accidentally and discovers his supernatural gift of discerning evildoers. Son Sukku ("D.P", "My Liberation Notes", "The Roundup") plays Jang Nan-gam, a police detective probing into Lee Tang's murder cases. Lee Hee-jun ("Mouse", "Miss Baek", "Oh! My Gran", "The Man Standing Next", "Badland Hunters") plays Song Chon, the mysterious ex-detective who adds suspense to the storyline as a threatening figure to both Lee Tang and Jang Nan-gam. "A Killer Paradox" is directed by Lee Chang-hee ("Strangers from Hell", "The Vanished") and is written by up-and-coming screenwriter Kim Da-min, who received the Grand Prize award from Gyeonggi Content Agency's Support for Screenplay Planning and Development. "A Killer Paradox" promises to deliver an imaginative and well-polished story, asking thought-provoking questions about crime and punishment. (Netflix)

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2024/02/09

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