[Photos] New Character Posters Added for the Upcoming Korean Animated Movie "Yumi's Cells: The Movie"

New character posters added for the upcoming Korean animated movie "Yumi's Cells: The Movie" (2024)


Directed by Kim Da-hee-I

Voiced by Yoon Ah-young, Shin Beom-sik, Song Ha-rim-I, Ahn So-yi, Sa Moon-young, Ahn Young-mi,...

"Love's heart made me smile and Anxiety's worries made me move forward".

Yumi decides to prepare for her contest after leaving her job to become a writer, which has been her long-time dream. From the schedule cell that creates her perfect writing schedule to the writer cell that runs around to find her writing style, everyone works hard for Yumi's dream, even the penny pincher cell who tightens her belt. But her worries about her future are causing Yumi's anxiety cells to grow more and more. Conflicts between cells are increasing, even the 'love cells' have darkened due to the shaky relationship with Bobby.

The cell village is in desperate danger...

Release date in Korea : 2024/04/03