[Photos] New Character Posters Added for the Upcoming Korean Movie "Big Sleep"

New character posters added for the upcoming Korean movie "Big Sleep" (2023)


Directed by Kim Tae-hoon-XI

With Kim Young-sung, Choi Joon-woo, Lee Rang-seo, Kim Ja-young, Hong Suk-bin, Song Yo-sep,...

On a winter morning on the way to work, Gi-yeong finds Gil-ho sleeping on the wooden bench in front of his house. Gil-ho is a teenager who has run away from home because he can no longer face the domestic violence he suffers there. Gi-yeong, who seems tough but has a tender heart, lets Gil-ho stay in his house for a few days and Gil-ho comes to trust Gi-yeong. It seems that Gi-yeong must have recognized his own dark past in Gil-ho. However, as Gil-ho's friends visit, conflicts happen between Gi-yeong and Gil-ho. Big Sleep is a film for grown-ups: It is about characters who seek salvation and healing in daily life. This story of a loser taking care of someone weaker than he is both touching and compelling. The two leading actors delicately pull off the high and low levels of emotions thoughtfully designed by the director. Big Sleep desperately grabs the drama of care and new life. JUNG Hanseok

27th Busan International Film Festival

Release date in Korea : 2023/11/22

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