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[Photos] New Kwon Sang-woo Stills Added for the Upcoming Korean Movie "Switch"

New Kwon Sang-woo stills added for the upcoming Korean movie "Switch" (2021)


Directed by Ma Dae-yun

With Kwon Sang-woo, Oh Jung-se, Lee Min-jung, Park So-yi, Kim Jun-II, Sung Byung-sook,...

Started filming: 2021/01/17
Formerly known as "The Christmas Present" (크리스마스 선물, keu-ri-seu-ma-seu seon-mul)
The movie "Switch" is about top star Park Kang, who is a hit actor but a troublemaker, meets a taxi driver on Christmas Eve and experiences a new life.

Release date in Korea : 2023/01

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