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[Photos] New Photos Added for the Korean Drama "Summer Strike"

New photos added for the Korean drama "Summer Strike" (2022).


Directed by Hong Moon-pyo, Lee Yoon-jeong

Written by Hong Moon-pyo, Lee Yoon-jeong

Network: ENA, Genie TV, Seezn

With Kim Seolhyun, Im Si-wan, Shin Eun-soo, Bang Jae-min, Park Ye-young, Kwak Min-gyu,...

12 episodes - Mon, Tue 21:20
Adapted from a webtoon.
A drama about voluntary unemployed Lee Yeo-reum and librarian Ahn Dae-beom, who declared a life strike, leaving a complex city and looking for themselves in a strange place.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2022/11/21

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