[Photos] New Photos Added for the Korean Drama "Would You Like a Cup of Coffee?"

New photos added for the Korean drama "Would You Like a Cup of Coffee?" (2021).


Directed by No Jung-wook

Written by No Jung-wook

Network: Kakao TV

With Ong Seong-wu, Park Ho-san, Seo Young-hee, Kim Ye-eun, Chu Ye-jin, Song Jae-ryong,...

12 episodes - Thu, Sun 17:00
Based on the comic of the same title.
"Would You Like a Cup of Coffee?" is a sentimental human drama about a rookie barista named Kang Go-bi who jumps into the world of coffee with just passion alone and becomes an apprentice to coffee master Park Suk, learning about coffee and people.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2021/10/24