[Photos] New Photos Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Goodbye Earth"

New photos added for the upcoming Korean drama "Goodbye Earth" (2024).


Directed by Kim Jin-min-I

Written by Jeong Seong-joo

Network: Netflix

With Yoo Ah-in, Ahn Eun-jin, Jeon Sung-woo, Kim Yoon-hye, Lee Dong-chan, Lim Ki-hong,...

12 episodes - Fri
Filming dates: 2022/01/16~2022/08/31
Adapted from a novel by Kōtarō Isaka.
"Goodbye Earth" is a Netflix series that depicts the planet in chaos, with 200 days left before an asteroid destroys it, and the stories of those living their remaining days on Earth. Ahn Eun-jin, one of the most in-demand actors in Korea who was in "Hospital Playlist", plays Jin Se-kyeong. Se-kyeong was once a home economics teacher in middle school, but volunteers at the juvenile department of the Woongcheon municipal office after the news about the asteroid breaks, struggling in silence to protect the children. Yoo Ah-in, who mesmerized audiences around the world with his performance in Netflix series "Hellbound" returns as Ha Yoon-sang. A long-time lover of Se-kyeong and a researcher at a bio-engineering research institute, Yoon-sang leaves the safety of the U.S. behind without hesitation and returns to Korea, a crisis zone, in order to stay by Se-kyeong's side. Director Kim Jin-min-I of Netflix series "Extracurricular" and "My Name" teams up with writer Jeong Seong-joo of "Secret Love Affair". How the individual characters will spend the last 200 days on the planet based on their respective beliefs, and what kind of choices they will make are already intriguing audiences anticipating its release.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2024/04/26