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[Photos] New Posters Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Yonder"

New posters added for the upcoming Korean drama "Yonder" (2022).


Directed by Lee Joon-ik

Written by Kim Jeong-hoon-II, Oh Seung-hyeon-I

Network: TVING

With Shin Ha-kyun, Han Ji-min, Lee Jung-eun, Jung Jin-young, Bae Yoo-ram, Cha Soon-bae,...

6 episodes
Also known as "Beyond The Memory"
A story that happens when a man who receives a message from his dead wife is invited to "Yonder", an unknown space where he can meet her for the last time. Through various kinds of people facing the world, "Beyond The Memory" created by advances in science and technology, asks about life, death, and eternal happiness.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2022/10/14

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