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[Photos] New Posters Added for the Upcoming Korean Movie "A Song for My Dear"

New posters added for the upcoming Korean movie "A Song For My Dear" (2022)


Directed by Lee Chang-yeol

With Sun Dong-hyuk, Jung Ah-mi, Kim Yu-mi-II, Jang Tae-hoon, Min Kyung-jin, Kwon Sung-hyun,...

A song for my dear is a film with a similar story to The memory of you in the Korean Cinema section. The husband is teaching Korean traditional music at a university with his talent inherited from his parents, pansori singer father and Gokbi-professional wailer at the funeral-mother. His ordinary days come to a halt when his wife begins to show some strange behaviors. Diagnosed with dementia, her condition gets worse fast and he takes care of her before anything else, but he also gets weak and old. In this film, his despair is expressed with Chang (Korean opera), and the more the wife gets ill, the more heartbroken songs become.

23rd Jeonju International Film Festival

Release date in Korea : 2023/03

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