[Photos] New Posters Added for the Upcoming Korean Movie "Galaxies"

New posters added for the upcoming Korean movie "Galaxies" (2023)


Directed by Choi Jung-han

With Yoon Je-moon, Kim Ji-hoon-IV, Lee Shi-ah, Jo Dong-hyuk, Kim Jong-goo, Kim Jung-woon,...

"Let's be a light like Eun, Ha, and Soo in a dark society!"

Eun-soo and Eun-ha, a couple, run out from a successful music production company to show off their individuality and form the EunHaSoo band with Dong-eun. Meanwhile, Dong-eun, who was investing coins to earn living expenses, touches the band's money and loses it in an instant. Angry, Eun-soo and Eun-ha sell Dong-eun's guitar at a used market, and at that moment, Dong-eun appears with the money. As Eun-ha and Eun-soo encounter the lives of people who have purchased guitars in search of a guitar that means a lot to them, they realize what it means to put their heart into music. What does the guitar mean to Dong-eun, and what journey will the three go on to find it?

Release date in Korea : 2024/04