[Photos] New Stills Added for the Korean Drama "Nothing Uncovered"

New stills added for the Korean drama "Nothing Uncovered" (2024).


Directed by Lee Ho-I, Lee Hyun-kyung-I

Written by Bae Soo-young

Network: KBS

With Kim Ha-neul, Yeon Woo-jin, Jang Seung-jo, Jung Woong-in, Yoon Je-moon, Han Chae-ah,...

16 episodes - Mon, Tue 22:10
Adapted from a web novel.
KBM Reporter Seo Jeong-won is known as the Villain Hunter. Her show, "Nothing Uncovered", reports about the villains who provoked the public, and her sharp comments made the show popular, making Jeong-won a star reporter. However, she gets involved in a shocking incident that drags her down to the bottom, and she has to team up with her ex-lover, Kim Tae-heon. Tae-heon is a detective at Gangha Police Station, and he has to do everything his way. He meets Jeong-won while investigating a case and gets confused by their reunion. Woo Jae is Jeong-won's husband, and he's a famous mystery writer from a wealthy family. Although he's a romantic who's willing to do anything for Jeong-won, he has been secretly hiding his wounded heart. And now, the three are deeply involved in serial murders.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2024/03/18