[Photos] New Stills Added for the Upcoming Korean Movie "Hostage: Missing Celebrity"

New stills added for the upcoming Korean movie "Hostage: Missing Celebrity" (2019)


Directed by Pil Kam-sung

With Hwang Jung-min, Han Kyu-won-I, Lee Ho-jung, Kim Joo-hee-I, Ji Nam-hyuk,...

After a VIP movie premiere, Korean top movie star Hwang Jung-min gets kidnapped by strangers. Jeong-min first thinks that someone is playing pranks, but the kidnappers' cruelty helps Jeong-min realize that the abduction is no joke. Jeong-min tries to find his way out, while the kidnappers demand him a huge amount of ransom within 24 hours.
Jeong-min encounters a real brutality that is way different and more extreme than the ones he has seen in the movies.

Release date in Korea : 2021/08/18