[Photos] New Stills Added for the Upcoming Korean Movie "JESUS"

New stills added for the upcoming Korean movie "JESUS" (2024)


Directed by Yoon Jin-IV

With Yoon Sung-jin, Jung Sang-hoon-II, Chae Min-gyeol,...

"I saw the Lord, He is risen"

In the late Joseon Dynasty, Jae-woo, the eldest grandson of a prestigious noble family, becomes paralyzed in a fall from a horse and is confined to his room. The family members do their best to treat and revive Jae-woo, but the reality is hopeless.

One day, the family's servant (Gaedongi) gives Hae-il (the butler) a Bible that he had received as a book about healing and life, and Hae-il ends up plastering Jae-woo's room with the banned Bible.

Jae-woo, who came to know Jesus through the Bible plastered to his stomach while lying down, gains hope in life after seeing the miracles and faith shown in the four Gospels.

Jae-woo tells the story of "JESUS" to his younger brother (Jae-heon), and the story of Jesus unfolds as an oriental painting...

Release date in Korea : 2024/05/01