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[Photos] New Stills and Behind the Scenes Images Added for the Korean Drama "Semantic Error"

New stills and behind the scenes images added for the Korean drama "Semantic Error" (2022).


Directed by Kim Soo-jung-V

Written by Jason, Jeo Soo-ri

Network: Watcha

With Park Seo-ham, Jae Chan, Song Ji-oh, Kim No-jin, Kim Won-ki, Choi Soo-gyun,...

8 episodes - Wed, Thu 17:00
A drama depicting campus romance of two polar opposite youths, Choo Sang-woo, a computer engineering major and "Loner" who's living a perfectly organized life, when a snob designer and 'popular' Jang Jae-yeong came to his life like an error.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2022/02/16

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