[Photos] Press Conference Photos Added for the Korean Drama "The All-Round Wife"

Press conference photos added for the Korean drama "The All-Round Wife" (2021).


Directed by Choi Ji-yeong

Written by Kim Ji-wan-I

Network: KBS

With Han Da-gam, Han Sang-jin, Geum Bo-ra, Shin Hyun-tak, Kim Tae-yeon-I, Shim Ji-ho,...

120 episodes - Mon~Fri 20:30
Rerun on KBS2: Mon~Fri 9:20am
A drama centered around the district of Gangnam and Seo Cho-hee, a woman who struggles to improve the quality of life with a house and it's a realistic family message with the message that happiness is not about the house but about the family that live in it.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2021/10/04