[Photos] Son Ye-jin and So Ji-Sub in New Posters for "Be with You"

New posters are always exciting and the ones for "Be with You" carry an air of nostalgia and youth fitting of the movie's premise of bringing back a lost loved one. The accompanying stills aren't quite as nostalgic, but definitely reflect a quiet life. With So Ji-sub and Son Ye-jin as the main pairing, there is a lot to look forward to.

"Be with You" (2017)

Directed by Lee Jang-hoon-I

With So Ji-sub, Son Ye-jin, Kim Ji-hwan-I, Ko Chang-seok, Lee Joon-hyuk-I, Son Yeo-eun,...

Also known as "Now I Will Meet You" and "On My Way To You"
Based on a Japanese original novel called "Be with You", which sold over a million copies in 2004, the movie tells the story of a woman who dies and leaves behind her son and husband. She then returns a year later, putting her fate on the line for the sake of her family.

Release date in Korea : 2018/03/14