[Photos] The main character of "Lee Su-a" has it rough in newest stills

 "Lee Su-a" is a film about a woman who is struggling physically and emotionally. These newest stills show that she literally gets into fights that become part of the overall fabric of her struggles. It looks like tissues may be necessary for this film.


"Lee Su-a" (2017)

Directed by Son Hyun-woo

With Jo Soo-ha, Kim Kyeong-yoon, Son Hyun-woo, Cha Gun-woo, Lee Hye-ra, Son Sung-chan,...

Lee Su-a struggles to get through life helping her mother who has dementia. Her greatest comfort is her best friend. Lee Su-a wants to live a normal life, but normal is unattainable. Amidst all this, she coincidentally reunites with her ex-boyfriend who she might not be able to forgive.

Release date in Korea : 2017/11/29