"Pied Piper" Jo Yoon-hee is a girl crush

Actress Jo Yoon-hee stars in the new tvN drama "Pied Piper" as Yeo Myeong-ha.

She is an awkward speaker compared to negotiators Joo Seong-chan (Shin Ha-kyun) and Yoon Hee-seong (Yu Jun-sang) but she has connection with those she speaks to and knows how to relate to them.

In the pictures above, Jo Yoon-hee is standing near a police car with a walkie-talkie in her hand. She looks soft but charismatic and is supervising the crime scene.

The way she has her eyes on the dangerous situation in front of her show how well she's playing her role.

Meanwhile, "Pied Piper" is the story of negotiators who try to make the best outcome out of dangerous situations. The first episode can be seen on the 7th of March.