[Press Release] Netflix Confirms Star-Studded Cast for Crime Thriller "Karma" (WT)

Netflix has confirmed the production of "Karma" (WT), featuring an ensemble cast including Park Hae-soo, Shin Min-a, Lee Hee-jun, Kim Sung-kyun, Lee Kwang-soo, and Gong Seung-yeon.


In "Karma" (WT), disparate lives intertwine under the ominous shadow of an unbreakable fate. The story revolves around a witness to an accident, a physician traumatized by nightmares, a man whose world was upended by an unexpected event, and another man drowning in private loans. Each one is bound by the inescapable ties of a terrible destiny, weaving a gripping crime thriller following those trapped by ill-fated entanglements.

Based on a Kakao webtoon of the same name, "Karma" (WT) depicts the entangled lives of those who, without knowing how or why, end up repeating their karmic cycle with one another.

The central figure of this intricate web is played by Park Hae-soo, known for his portrayal of characters straddling the line between good and evil in the Netflix series like "Squid Game" and "Narco-Saints". In "Karma" (WT), Park's character witnesses a mysterious accident and ends up making a deal that leads him down a path of no return. Shin Min-a, a rom-com queen known for her lovable charm in "Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha" and "Our Blues", takes on the role of a doctor who continues to suffer from childhood trauma and one day runs into someone she never wanted to see again. Her character experiences emotions that run the gamut between cold revenge and deep inner pain.

Lee Hee-jun, celebrated for his keen characterizations and dynamic performances in films like "The Man Standing Next", plays a debt-ridden man who used private loans to invest in cryptocurrency only to see his money take a nosedive. Threatened by loan sharks, he becomes desperate enough to do anything to free himself from their grip, drawing viewers into a world of enduring fate enmeshed with inescapable chains. Kim Sung-kyun, known for his roles in series like "D.P" and "Moving", plays a character who finds himself entangled in a web of misfortune when he unfairly loses his job and is entrusted with a task involving a large sum from a client.

Two other talented actors round out the cast. Lee Kwang-soo, with his unique humor and seasoned acting, has portrayed characters you can't help but love in the films "Sinkhole" and "The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure". He plays a successful doctor who runs a private clinic in Gangnam and can have anything his heart desires including luxury cars and women. One incident turns the life of this carefree, well-to-do doctor upside down in the blink of an eye. But he reveals his true integrity when confronted with adversity. Gong Seung-yeon, who has been expanding her range since her role in the drama "The First Responders", plays the doctor's girlfriend, a dangerously charming seductress.

Known for his top-grossing films, director Lee Il-hyeong ("A Violent Prosecutor" and "Remember - 2020") takes the helm as director and screenwriter of his first series, building a compelling story by giving depth to each character and anchoring them with difficult missions. As these goal-driven characters overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, Lee weaves a suspenseful tale that promises to captivate viewers worldwide with the yoke of inauspicious fate.

The series is a collaborative effort between two prominent production companies, Moonlight Film and Baram Pictures. Moonlight Film's track record includes films like "Kundo: Age of the Rampant", "A Violent Prosecutor", "Money", and "The Spy Gone North", as well as the Netflix series "Narco-Saints". Baram Pictures has its own notable projects, including the Netflix series "Kingdom: Ashin of the North" and "Song of the Bandits" as well as dramas like "Behind Every Star" and "Castaway Diva".

With the production and casting confirmed, anticipation among viewers for "Karma" (WT) continues to grow. "Karma" (WT) will be released only on Netflix.

Production Information

Title: "Karma" (WT)

Original work: Kakao Webtoon ["Karma" (WT)]

Director / Screenwriter: Lee Il-hyeong

Cast: Park Hae-soo, Shin Min-a, Lee Hee-jun, Kim Sung-kyun, Lee Kwang-soo, Gong Seung-yeon

Produced by: Moonlight Film, Baram Pictures

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