"Queen of Tears" Kim Ji-won, "I Learned Honesty and Courage From Hong Hae-in"

"Queen of Tears" Kim Ji-won's pictorial has been released.


Kim Ji-won, who continues to be more brilliant than ever in tvN's Saturday and Sunday drama "Queen of Tears", decorated the cover of the May issue of the fashion magazine Cosmopolitan.

Under the glaring spring sunshine, Kim Ji-won perfectly managed to pull off a lovely yet alluring pictorial concept. Throughout the shoot, Kim skillfully performed a variety of expressions and poses, producing high-quality results.

Kim Ji-won said, "It's special that there are photos left that can be kept for a long time, but I'm excited that a lot of those photos came out today, and I'm looking forward to the day when the cover that I worked on will be released".

The interview was conducted after the cover shoot. Regarding what she wants to keep forever without losing like jewelry, whose beauty does not change over time, she said, "As I grow older, I feel new values that deviate from the existing ones are being established and changed. Repeating that experience, I learned not to keep them forever but to learn new things every day with the right attitude. I learned the honest and brave attitude in everything while playing the role of Hong Hae-in in the drama "Queen of Tears"".

"Queen of Tears", which is loved by viewers to the extent that it surpassed the national average of 20.7% as of the twelfth episode and ranked second in tvN's drama history, is a drama about a couple in their third year of estranged marriage realizing the importance of each other and starting to fall in love again.

Kim Ji-won explained of her definition of love, "There is a saying in the lines of Hae-in. "Love in my opinion is not about doing something big, but being by my side no matter what". I think I liked that saying. I think love is to be the strength on your side even when you are in a good mood or when you are tired and have a hard time hitting the bottom".

Kim Ji-won's acting skills were recognized early enough to remain in people's memories and be constantly mentioned after a long time, including Hong Hae-in, the "Queen of Tears", Yoon Myeong-joo of "Descendants of the Sun", and Yeom Mi-jeong of "My Liberation Notes".

Kim Ji-won said, "Looking back, I think the characters I played were cool people who were always supported and were independent and strong-minded. People with clear beliefs and values in their own thoughts. Like the viewers, I learned a lot from them".