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[Queen Seondeok] Writer Park Sang-yeon says, "Season 3 will focus on the individuals"

Writer Park Sang-yeon of the megahit drama "Queen Seon-deok" points out the main focal points of the informally dubbed "season 3" of the series.

She explains, "Entering into the third season, the four main characters Deokman, Yusin, Bidam and Chunchu will finally fully develop as characters and hit their peaks".

She went on to pinpoint what exactly to watch out for.

1. Deokman - A charismatic, yet solitary ruler

She loves to be around people, but she no longer has the liberty to trust them as sincerely and innocently as she once did. Now it is necessary to sometimes hide her intentions and use the sincerity of others to achieve an end. As ruling queen, she is deeply lonely and filled with despair. Yet she must hide her true feelings and stand on her own to be reborn as a true king.

2. Yusin - The invincible warrior forever remembered by history

Late in blooming, this genius finally comes into fruition to shine. Kim Yusin the General will become an invincible warrior and admired by all in the capital. He earns a well-deserved place in history, the very thing that Bidam desires, once he comes into his full potential. Following the taking of Fort Dae-ya, he will finally step up to the plate.

3. Bidam - The glorious downfall of a tragic hero

Bidam inherits the life of Misil, and their story comes to an end. The tragedy of his mother's life comes full circle and he becomes the wretched hero of the same fate. Ultimately he gains nothing he desires - not a place in history, Silla nor Deokman - and ends up forgotten by history, recorded only as the instigator of a mutiny. He is loved then hated, he gains power only to lose it, he earns the trust of people and then loses that trust. He will crash and burn, and his end will be tragic and glorious.

4. Chunchu - Ruler of the next age and ruler of the Three Kingdoms

This series began with Misil's age, continues through Deokman's age, and will end at the start of Chunchu's age. This precocious genius will find his own footing alongside Deokman, Yusin and Bidam, and gain power in his own way. Ultimately he will be the one to uphold the dream that began with the late King Jijeung and unify the Three Kingdoms.


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