Rain's Chungdam Building, Number 1 in Real Estate Jackpot

Rain's financial skills have been revealed.


Mnet's "TMI NEWS", which aired on April 7th, introduced 'stars with a huge real estate market profit'.

The top spot on the day was singer Rain, who is known to have enormous financial resources. Earlier, Rain and his wife Kim Tae-hee's estimated assets were 42 billion won, drawing much attention.

Rain purchased an old building in the middle of a luxury street in Chungdam-dong in 2008 and rebuilt it in 2017. The building, which has been introduced as Rain's agency in the broadcast, houses a number of convenience facilities, including cafes, restaurants and beauty salons. The monthly rental income alone is 100 million won.

Rain purchased the land for 16.8 billion won in 2008. Currently, the market price is estimated at 46.5 billion won, with a profit of 29.7 billion won.