[Ratings] "Joseon Exorcist" Starts at Almost 9%, "Navillera" at 2% Range

Two new Monday-Tuesday dramas "Joseon Exorcist" and "Navillera" aired their first episodes.


According to Nielsen Korea, a ratings research company, the new SBS Monday-Tuesday drama "Joseon Exorcist", which aired on the 22nd, recorded 5.7% and 8.9% (Ep.1) in nationwide ratings.

It is slightly lower than 9.2% (Ep.1) recorded by the first episode of the previous drama, "The Penthouse" which finished broadcasting on January 5th.

tvN's "Navillera" which also aired on the 22nd, recorded a rating of 2.809% (Ep.1) for its first episode.

This is lower than the first episode of the previous drama "L.U.C.A. : The Beginning" which recorded 5.371% (Ep.1).

Meanwhile, KBS2's "River Where the Moon Rises" recorded 7.3% and 8.7% (Ep.11), a slight drop from 9.1% (Ep.10).

JTBC's "Drama Festa - Missing Child" recorded a rating of 2.293% (Ep.1) based on paid broadcasting households nationwide.