[Ratings] "Law School" Records Highest Ratings Two Times in a Row

"Law School" has recorded its own highest ratings.


According to Nielsen Korea, an audience rating research company, JTBC's Wednesday-Thursday drama "Law School", which aired on the 12th, recorded 5.508% (Ep.9) ratings based on paid cable nationwide.

This is an increase from 5.388% (Ep.8) of the previous episode and is its own highest rating before being surpassed by the next episode. The 10th episode of "Law School" will not be airing on the 13th to make way for the special episode, "Law School Commentary", and is expected to air on the 19th instead.

KBS2's "Sell Your Haunted House" has a national rating of 4%, 5.8% (Ep.9) down from 5.9% (Ep.8).

MBC's "Oh My Ladylord" stays in the 1% range with 1.4% (Ep.15), down from 1.6% (Ep.14).

Meanwhile, tvN's "Mouse" continues to go up, recording 5.479% (Ep.18), an increase from 5.392% (Ep.17).