[Ratings] OCN's "Dark Hole" Off To A Good Start, MBN's "Bossam: Steal The Fate" Starts

The new OCN drama "Dark Hole" aired its first episode on the 30th.


According to Nielsen Korean, a ratings research company, OCN's new Friday-Saturday drama "Dark Hole" which airs simultaneously on OCN and tvN recorded a rating of 2.873% (Ep.2).

This is an increase from 2.370% (Ep.1) recorded from the first episode, making its premiere the No. 1 drama in its time slot across all the other cable channels.

"Dark Hole" is the fifth drama from OCN's lineup of "Dramatic Cinema" project which includes "Trap - Drama", "Strangers from Hell", "Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation", and "Search".

SBS' "Taxi Driver" maintains its ratings, recording 15.1% (Ep.7) and 15.2% (Ep.8). On the 30th, it broke its record for the highest average nationwide rating for two parts with 12.9% and 15.1% (Ep.7).

JTBC's "Undercover" recorded 3.367% (Ep.4), an increase from 2.841% (Ep.3) which was a drop from its current highest rating of 3.785% (Ep.2).

For the weekend dramas, MBN's new Saturday-Sunday drama "Bossam: Steal the Fate" started with 3.132% (Ep.1).

KBS2's "Revolutionary Sisters" had a decrease from 27.7% (Ep.12) to 26.7% (Ep.13), and tvN's "Vincenzo" also had a slight decrease ahead of its last episode from 12.276% (Ep.18) to 11.854% (Ep.19).