[Ratings] "The Penthouse 3" Maintains Ratings, "Lost" Starts Broadcast

"The Penthouse 3" had a slight increase in rating.


According to Nielsen Korea, a ratings research company, SBS' Friday-Saturday drama "The Penthouse 3" which aired on the 3rd recorded a rating of 17.9% (Ep.13).

This is a slight increase from the previous rating of 17.5% (Ep.12), maintaining its rating at the 17% range.

For the weekend dramas, MBC's Saturday drama "Check Out the Event" dropped back to its lowest rating of 0.8% (Ep.4) from 1% (Ep.3).

tvN's Saturday-Sunday drama "Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha" records its highest rating of 8.733% (Ep.3), an increase from 6.666% (Ep.2) recorded in the previous episode.

KBS2's "Revolutionary Sisters" recorded 28.6% (Ep.46) from 32.5% (Ep.45).

Meanwhile, the new JTBC drama "Lost" which first broadcasted on the 4th, recorded 4.191% (Ep.1) in its first episode.