[Ratings] "Through The Darkness" Starts With Good Ratings

"Through the Darkness" aired its first episode with favorable ratings.


According to Nielsen Korea, a ratings research company, SBS' Friday-Saturday drama "Through the Darkness" which first aired on the 14th, recorded a rating of 6.2% (Ep.1).

This is both lower than 6.4% (Ep.1) and 6.7% (Ep.16) recorded in the first and last episodes of the previous drama "Now, We Are Breaking Up".

wavve's "Tracer" which also airs on MBC, recorded 7.4% (Ep.3), an increase from 6% (Ep.2) and 8.6% (Ep.1).

Meanwhile, tvN's "Bad and Crazy" had a slight increase, recording 3.389% (Ep.9) from 3.098% (Ep.8).