Rookie Song Ji-hyun-II in "My Lovely Liar"

Rookie Song Ji-hyun-II is starring in the new tvN drama "My Lovely Liar".


Monday-Tuesday drama "My Lovely Liar" depicts a special love story between two men and women. It is the story of Mok Sol-hee (Kim So-hyun) who has the ability to hear a lie and Kim Do-ha (Hwang Minhyun) who has an unspeakable secret.

Song Ji-hyun-II plays Do-ha's ex-girlfriend Choi Eom-ji. She's strikingly beautiful and has the typical appearance of being someone's first love.

Since her debut, Song Ji-hyun-II starred in dramas "Awaken", "Hello, Me!", "Hometown", "Hellbound" and movies such as "GUIMOON: The Lightless Door". She's struck attention with her mysterious eyes and lovely charm. In particular, in the movie "A Letter from Kyoto", she stood out by playing the youngest named Hae-joo out of three sisters.

"My Lovely Liar" will begin broadcasting on the 14th.