Ryu Soo-young is an "idol" professor

Will there be romance between Ryu Soo-young and Kim Tae-hee's characters?

Ryu Soo-young is confirmed to join Song Seung-heon, Kim Tae-hee and Park Ye-jin in upcoming MBC romantic-comedy miniseries, "My Princess". This will be Ryu Soo-young's comeback project after his discharge from military service last September 6.

In "My Princess", Ryu Soo-young will once again play the role of a handsome and upright university professor similar to Choi Gi Chan of "Bad Couple" (SBS, 2007). However this time, he won't be studying new species of plants and flowers, but he will be digging and examining rocks!

Ryu Soo-young will be Nam Jeong-joo, an archaeology and art history professor who is admired by every female student and aptly nicknamed the "idol lecturer" for his good looks and charm. Of course, his endearing qualities do not escape the attention and affection of Lee Seol, a clumsy student-turned-princess overnight played by Kim Tae-hee. Will this be another "male college professor-young female student" romance? We will find out soon!

"My Princess" will be MBC's Wednesday-Thursday 9:55pm drama offering following "Home Sweet Home".

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