"Section TV" Lee Joon-gi kissed Kim So-eun too many times

MBC TV show "Section TV" interviewed the cast of the new drama "Scholar Who Walks the Night".

Kim So-eun and Lee Joon-gi have been in a movie together 10 years ago and they reunited this time again for a drama. Kim So-eun still calls Lee Joon-gi 'uncle' because of their age gap.

Lee Joon-gi, "The shocking thing was, she sighed and said, 'you used to be so handsome'". Kim So-eun explained, "He was the best back then. He was a legend". Lee Joon-gi retorted back, "Don't you think you're getting old, too?"

Kim So-eun said, "I recently kissed 'uncle'". Lee Joon-gi said, "We're still going at it and it's tiring. But So-eun wants to try it with Changmin and Lee Soo-hyuk too. She's a greedy woman".