"Sector 7" makes 4.3 billion won in China

Director Kim Ji-hoon's "Sector 7" gathered the best box office results for Korean movies that were shown in China.


According to CJ E&M on the 19th, "Sector 7" was released in 4000 or so cinemas in China and raked in 4.3 billion won (~US$4 Million) until the 14th. Previously, main character Ha Ji-won visited Beijing and Shanghai for promotional events.

Ha Ji-won's reputation for dramas "Something Happened in Bali" and "Secret Garden" supported this promotion.

"Sector 7" was supported amazingly in China in the name of "Ocean War" (深海之戰) which helped it rise to the second place of the box office within the first week of its release. It made a similar record on the second week as well.

"Sector 7" has created the best record yet for a Korean movie that was released in China. "The Host" had been the best so far with earnings of 1.6 million yuan (~US$250,000).

CJ E&M revealed, "There are many movies that are being released this week so we have to see if "Sector 7" does as well again".