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Seo Ji-hoon Picked as the Lead for "King of Saju"

Actor Seo Ji-hoon will turn into a genius fortune teller.


On the 21st, Seo Ji-hoon's agency Management District said, "Seo Ji-hoon has been selected as the main character of "King of Saju".

"King of Saju" is a fantasy fortune-telling mystery that predicts and changes the fate of its client through oriental fortune-telling fame and fortune, and Seo Ji-hoon plays the role of Geum Tae-yeong, a genius fortune teller. Even in dangerous moments, he will try to change his client's fate and create tension throughout the drama.

Meanwhile, Seo Ji-hoon, who debuted in the drama "Signal" in 2016, has shown various charms by appearing in "Meow, the Secret Boy", "To All The Guys Who Loved Me" and "Seasons of Blossom".

"King of Saju" starring Seo Ji-hoon, will be released on the OTT streaming platform in 2023.

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