"Shall We Kiss First" Kim Sun-ah Gives Kam Woo-sung a Back Hug

SBS drama "Shall We Kiss First" has done very well in its earliest stages most likely due to its honest dialogue, the insightful narration by the characters, and funny story.

At the center "Shall We Kiss First" are a man and woman who mature in life, but immature when it comes to love. They are Son Moo-han (Kam Woo-sung) and An Soon-jin (Kim Sun-ah). They go on a blind date but actually their relationship dates back 6 years.

The preview of "Shall We Kiss First" on the 26th was released. Previously, Son Moo-han found out that the person who lives right below him in 401 is An Soon-jin.

In the picture, Son Moo-han and An Soon-jin are in his regular LP bar. An Soon-jin is wearing her stewardess uniform and is hugging Son Moo-han from the back. He looks startled, but he's holding her hands tightly against his chest.

Their faces say it all. Kam Woo-sung looks startled enough with his expression and eyes while Kim Sun-ah looks emotional and humerous at the same time.

Does Son Moo-han let An Soon-jin know that he lives above her? How did they end up in a back-hug? Stay tuned to the fifth and sixth episodes of "Shall We Kiss First" to find out.

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