Shin Ha-kyun and Kim Young-kwang in Criminal Noir "EVILIVE"

Actors Shin Ha-kyun and Kim Young-kwang are stepping into the world of evil. They're coming together for the Genie TV original drama "EVILIVE".


"EVILIVE" is a criminal noir drama. A working lawyer meets an evil man and becomes and elite evil man himself. It's led by director Kim Jeong-min-III from "Bad Guys" and "Remarriage and Desires".

Shin Ha-kyun takes on the role of Han Dong-soo. Han Dong-soo is a working lawyer. He is normally rational but there is a burning desire inside of him that wakes up. He steps over the boundary and becomes evil.

Kim Young-kwang plays Seo Do-yeong, the second-in-command of a gang organization. He used to be a baseball player. He's not like ordinary gangsters. He is the perfect good-looking guy on the outside but there is unexpected cruelty and madness behind it.

Shin Jae-ha plays Dong-soo's stepbrother Han Jae-beom. He works at a secondhand computer store. He introduces his brother to cases that are worth something. He then faces his brother who changes because of a case that he brings forth.

Meanwhile, "EVILIVE" will be released on Genie TV, Genie TV Mobile, and ENA in October.

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