Son Tae-young celebrates her birthday with Kwon Sang-woo and children

Son Tae-young has shared her family photo she took with her husband, Kwon Sang-woo, son Ruk-hee and daughter Ri-ho.

On August 19th, Son Tae-young posted the photo on her personal Instagram along with the caption saying, "Friday today is my birthday, exactly two weeks later from my husband's birthday. It's hard to come out often with the whole family. Thank you, honey, Ruk-hee, Ri-ho❤".

The revealed family photo shows Son Tae-young, Kwon Sang-woo couple and their children Ruk-hee and Ri-ho striking lovely poses. Son Tae-young is smiling brightly holding a flower bouquet.

August 5th, Son Tae-young heled a surprise event for her husband Kwon Sang-woo's birthday. And two weeks later on August 19th, Kwon Sang-woo surprised his wife Son Tae-young on her birthday.

Son Tae-young will make a cameo appearance in tvN's new Friday & Saturday drama, "The K2". She will play a superstar actress Eom Hye-rin in the drama.